Precision Cataract Surgery

Precision Cataract Surgery in The Villages & Ocala, FL area

Are you ready to see without the need for glasses?

Has astigmatism always hampered your quality of vision? Precision Cataract Surgery services by Seaborn M. Hunt III M.D. feature special intraocular lens implants, surgical techniques, and even Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery to add visual freedom for active lifestyles and more. If you're suffering from astigmatism or cataracts, read below and see which Precision Cataract Solution is best for your situation!

Cataract Surgery in The Villages & Ocala, FL

Precision Premium – “Whether it’s driving, watching TV, using my computer, or reading a menu, I’m ready to keep my glasses at home. I understand that in certain situations glasses may be needed, but I’m OK with that as long as I’m glasses-free for most everything else.”

  • Enhanced premium lens implant for a wide range of glasses-independence for most activities
  • Precision pre-operative measurements
  • Includes mild astigmatism correction if needed

Precision Plus – “I’m ready to have my astigmatism surgically corrected so I can experience the best quality of distance vision without glasses. I’m OK with wearing glasses for near vision, but if I can see clearly in the distance without glasses, I’d be very happy.”

  • No (or minimal) reliance on glasses for distance vision (Glasses will be needed for near vision tasks)
  • Precision pre-operative measurements
  • Correction options are based on your unique eye shape
    • Mild astigmatism is corrected on the eye surface
    • Significant astigmatism is corrected with a special lens implant 

Precision Mono – “I’m used to wearing contact lenses that are blended, so one eye sees distance while the other sees near. I would be happy with this “monovision” solution through cataract surgery.”

  • Custom lens implant (0.25 diopter sizes allow for “best fit” scenario)
  • Precision pre-operative measurements 

Standard - “I’m aware that I can choose Precision cataract surgery options, however, I prefer the standard cataract procedure that is covered by Medicare and insurance.”

  • Glasses will likely be required at all distances for your best vision
  • Standard lens implant
  • Basic pre-operative measurements  

Still not sure? - Elect the Precision pre-operative measurements that are used in the Precision Cataract Surgery procedures. If you decide to proceed with any Precision Cataract Surgery, we will credit this amount towards your procedure.

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