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Eye Surgery

Here at the eye care office of Seaborn M. Hunt III M.D., we welcome you for any medical, laser, or surgical eye care. Seaborn Hunt is a cataract surgeon & board certified ophthalmologist serving Ocala and The Villages, FL. With his extensive eye surgery experience, and thousands of successfully performed procedures, your eye care is in good hands. Seaborn Hunt and our friendly staff put you and your needs first, making sure you leave happy and confident, with a superior set of strong, healthy eyes. 

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Eye Care Exams

Regular eye exams are essential to your eyes; they deserve the proper maintenance and care with a fulfilling examination.  Blurred & foggy vision, dull colors, overwhelming brightness of light, off-setting night vision; these are not clear ways for your eyes to explore our wonderful world.  It’s time to burry the burdens of your eyes, step out of the fog, and see the world a little more clearly.

Any necessary medical, laser or surgical eye procedures needed, are in the hands of a superior cataract surgeon and his friendly caring staff.  Cataract surgery and glaucoma surgery are a couple of the many services we offer to Ocala and The Villages, FL. Seaborn Hunt strives to reach your clear vision goals with only the best abilities and experience.  It is vital that you maintain the clarity of your vision, and protect your eyes from any possible, future damage and disease.

Here at the Ocala eye care office of Seaborn M. Hunt III M.D., we want to provide you a clear path, to clear, healthy vision.  From cataract surgery to multifocal lens replacement, we are here to help with our many of our exceptional services and eye surgeries.  Keep your eyes healthy, happy and beautiful, both inside and out.

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