Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery in Ocala & The Villages, FL

Having difficulty driving at night or looking at your computer screen? If cataracts and presbyopia are affecting your quality of life, it’s time to call Seaborn M. Hunt III MD of Ocala, FL to discuss surgical treatment options. Specializing in a variety of eye surgeries, Seaborn M. Hunt III MD has restored the vision of hundreds of patients throughout Central Florida.

Cataract Surgery

Over half of Ocala residents over 60 will experience cataracts, the leading cause of vision loss in adults 55 or older. With over three million annual procedures in the United States, cataract surgery is one of the safest and most effective surgical eye procedures. Learn more about cataract surgery with Dr. Hunt here.

Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma results in irreversible vision loss over time. If caught and treated in time, vision loss from glaucoma can be prevented. Depending on the type and severity of your glaucoma, surgery may be your best option. When it comes to glaucoma, early detection and treatment is key - call Seaborn M. Hunt III MD today to schedule a professional evaluation. Learn more about glaucoma surgery here.

Corrective Eye Surgery

Dr. Seaborn Hunt offers corrective eye surgery to restore high-quality vision to patients throughout Ocala and The Villages. Your eyes change as you age, often requiring vision correction. Specializing in TECNIS multifocal lens replacement, Dr. Hunt has successfully restored the vision of patients throughout Central Florida.

Call today to learn about our multifocal lens implants, surgical astigmatism correction, and more!

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